Just Because...

Ahhh the weekend!  For a short work week it has felt like an eternity to get here.  But alas it is.

Tonight I am bartending at our local Italian Festival, if your in the area come out to say hello!  The above picture is from the coast line of Italy and as much as I love our festival nothing beats some cold beverages in Italy!

This weekend I hope to clean my house, do some shopping, hang out with my sister and FINALLY get to the Aberfoyle Anqtiue market.

Hope you all have a great weekend too!  Don't forget if you haven't already, enter the giveaway {here}.  And don't forget you have to leave your entry in the comments or I won't know you entered!

One more thing, thank you to everyone for such kind words this week in honor of my blog's first birthday! 
I am very blessed to have all  you readers in my life, old and new!  Cheers to another year!


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  1. Happy Friday-hope you have a great weekend!