Last week I told you all about my friend Laura's bachlorette, {here}.  You may have noticed in some of the pictures all of us ladies had flower wrist corsages, well I made them!  They were a way to all be a part of this day, and we totally stood out as LAURA'S GIRLS when we had them on that's for sure!  Inspired from Renee over at {Eat.Live.Shop} and a tweet she sent out that she herself was doing tool flowers for a bachlorette. 
So I took her idea and ran with it!

Below is my DIY for tool flowers!  These would be great attached to a barrett for a little girls hair, done in other colours for ANY other event where some people need to stand out! 
Think of the fun for shower events etc!

Get DIY'ing everyone!

These are the supplies you will need, tool, stretchy lace, paper fascinators 
and some beautiful beads (with flat backs.)

Measure the tool to be 4ft long and 6inches wide.

Roll the tool up until it is 1 inch wide and start to loop it around the fascinator.

Once all the tool is on, close the fascinator nice and tight.

Glue the lace together into a loop, then glue the lace to the fascinator to make the bracelet portion.

Now glue on a fancy bead of your choice to the top of the fascinator.

Now you fluff and seperate the 'pedals' to make it nice and big.
This is what it looks like all done!  A flower wrist corsage!

I happened to make a larger one for our bride.  
I did the pink flower first, then repeated the same steps 
with the white tool, and make it slightly larger.

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