Colourful Wedding...
Colourful Wedding... 

Oh Wedding season you are in full swing!!

My sister has a wedding in a few weeks and she sent me the picture of the dress she has bought and asked me to help find some accessories.  It's from {American Eagle} and because it is a neutral she wanted to add some punches of colour!  I immediately knew what clutch would be a great jumping off point; this colourful splash clutch from {ALDO} was a great starting point.  Then found the necklace from {Forever21} that pulled out almost all the colours from the handbag.  Plus she wanted a statement necklace and I think this one is terrific.  Then this great blue peep toe from {ALDO}  to round out this colour filled look.  The dress has the model wearing a brown belt I would opt for no belt when doing this much colour.  Sometimes you can for surely over do it! 

Don't be afraid of colour for a wedding.  They are celebrations, a time for joy and fun, and when does hot pink, yellow, blue and gold never not made someone happy!

An early congrats to Erika and Nick! 
The lovely couple's wedding my sister will be attending.

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