Going to local festivals/markets is one of my favourite summer time activities.  Last weekend (when the sun was around) I went to our annual Potters Market.  Potters from all over come to a park that lines the river to sell their creative and amazing goods.  Here are a few pictures I snapped.

A little girl played the violin all day.  Was great to have a little music.

A view of the river where the market was held.

One of the three areas where the potters were set up.

 Just a small sampling of some the AMAZING talent showcased at the market.

A wider look at a portion of market.

Now sadly I was wearing workout clothes (I went right from rowing) but what I wanted to be wearing is the below outfit.  Shorts, a breezy top some great wedges and my new bag!  Sometimes wearing workout clothes OUT happens, I just try not to make it a 'thing' only cause I don't workout in anything fancy! lol

What is an outfit you would like to wear for a Sunday at a market?  Share in the comments!

Strolling Sundays

Strolling Sundays

Click on the image to see where to get the items.

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