Welcome to February everyone!  What better way to usher in a new month then with a Wed GRIPE!

Sometimes clothes can evoke an emotion in us; yellow makes us happy, black makes us feel sexy.  Some materials remind us of things; some brocades of your old granny's couch, silk makes you think of pajamas.  Never once have I found a piece of clothing that makes me feel like a piece of furniture until now.

Please let me introduce this {RiverIsland} dress that well, frankly, reminds me of a LAMP!  lol
It came to me at first glance that the macrame on the bottom half of a skirt is a complete reminder of tassles on a lamp I would find in an attic somewhere.  I am not sure even the best fashionista wants to feel like a living room accessory.

I think it is safe to say if a piece of clothing makes your feel like a piece of furniture, don't buy it, GRIPE about it!

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