This week has been great to me.. ZERO Complaints!  The blog hit some milestones, over 100 twitter followers (if your not following me do so now! @friendsmycloset or click the TWITTER hanger on the rightside lol), some great blogger networking etc etc.

I have exciting things coming next week and cannot wait to share them with you.

This outfit is one I wore last Sunday... It is pretty much my simple weekend errand uniform, simple, clean, no fuss no muss!  Weekend uniforms always have to be versatile and comfy for running all your errands but try not to sacrifice some style while doing so.  Frumpy may be a style but not one  you should wear all the time.  Plus dressing up for errands in my opinion makes them more fun!

With this outfit I loved the little detail of the buttons on the shoulder and of course my little bow earrings!  And don't kid yourself I live in Canada, so as soon as I took these pictures I immediatly put on my winter sweater and mittens and headed out!

Hope your week was as good as mine and CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND!

What I Wore:
jeans- Penningtons
earrings/shoes/sunnies: Forever21
top: Old Navy

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