Winter Fun...

Saturday was on of those days that something amazing and unique happens; my sister played baseball in the SKYDOME (Rogers Centre for those of you who go by the 'new' name).  It was quite awesome to watch her play her heart out with a team she had just met and of course watch her live out a dream!  As she played first base right under the jumbo-tron I was so happy for her and so excited to see it happen!  Although they lost in the playoff portion of the tournament I can only imagine what it felt like for her, cause as a spectator even I was in awe of this moment.  Congrats to my sister and her team on a job well done! 

And Kirstie, congrats on accomplishing a life time goal and being able to do something so few people ever do in their lifetime, walk on the grass of the Skydome and PLAY the field.  Thanks for letting me scream out your name every time you were at bat; I believe I was the only person in the entire Dome doing so, and subsequently embarrassing you!..lol  What else are sisters for right!

Here are some pictures of this unreal Saturday afternoon!

 the view of the Dome from our field side seats
my sister and I

Kirstie playing first base under the jumbo-tron

 Kirstie waiting on third base to take home

Even I got to walk on the field!! UNREAL.. sadly not real grass..lol

me in the JAYS dug-out.. I mean c'mon so COOL!!!

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