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Welcome 2012, how you doin'?

2011 was beyond amazing is more ways then I can count and as 2012 begins I hope that it only has as much fun, laughter and cheer as the year before.  a Few highlights of things I am looking forward too:

My last year in my twenties.
Best friend moving home from England.
Parents new cottage.
Blog's 1 year anniversary.

Last year I didn't make a resolution persay, however, I did make a goal to do something NEW every month.  It could be anything from trying a new food, going to new a place, doing something/anything I had never done before.  Happy to report, goal accomplished!  So again in this new year each month I plan on doing something new every month.  I encourage you to do this as well; not to mention it is a 'resolution' we can at least all keep!

I hope that this year FimC can bring you some great style inspirations!  Thank you to all who joined me on this journey in July of 2011 lets enjoy another year together!

On New Years Eve, Cindy and I went out with two friends for dinner then hit up the local bar to ring in the new year, this is What WE Wore!

What Cindy Wore:
dress: Forever21
tights- Primark
clutch/shoes: ALDO
jewellery: unknown

What I Wore:
dress/blazer: Torrid
necklace: LeChateau
clutch: Assecorize
ring: Forever21
bracelet: Lauren Elan
shoes: ALDO

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