Morning blog viewers!
I hope you had just as much of a fantastic weekend as I did. 

I was able to get in some great retail therapy with my girlfriend Shannon!  I purchased the new 'Florence and the Machine' album which I have had on repeat ever since; fairly sure I found the ideal/perfect red nail polish from {OPI} called 'Wonka Wonka' from their Muppets inspired collection; and, purchased a brand new penguin painted wine glass from {Pier1}, the perfect size glass for the holidays.

Now today is very exciting as my best friend Cindy comes home from London, England for her holiday vacation.  YIPPEE!

So being that it is Monday and we all need a little shove to get this week going, gather inspiration from this picture I found in {RueMagazine} from their anniversary  edition shot by photograher {SarahRhodes}.

Exactly! Why Not!  Be Amazing.

Enjoy the week people!

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