When I originally saw this picture of Ashley Greene in this amazing satin cobalt blue dress at the Avon Foundation Global Voices for Change Gala, I thought it would definitely make the week in review.  Then I remembered I had seen similar dresses on all the major shopping sites.  So instead of it making the review I decided to showcase it and then show you some main stream options to get this dress.  With holiday season right around the corner this colour of dress is perfect and vibrant.   I have a very similar dress for an event in a couple of weeks I want to wear actually; just trying to squeeze into now! lol
Happy Shopping.

 {AmericanApparel}                                                                             {ASOS}     
                     $42                                                                                             $82                 

                          {ASOS}                                                                                      {Torrid}
                            $100                                                                                           $58

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