Just Because...

Happy Monday Morning Everyone!!
Working on lots of posts of my awesome weekend for you!  Let a new week begin!

You ever get ready for a great girls night out, only to find when you arrive at the destination you and your girlfriends are wearing similar items?!  I know right, it happens all the time!  Especially now a days with such great basic elements like nude heels, skinny jeans and blousy tops.  What are girls to do!   
Embrace it, and have a good night I say! 

Here is a picture I came across where BACHLORETTE Ali had the same issue.  She and her two friends are all wearing skinny jeans and nude heels.  I am happy to at least not have paparazzi chasing me and 
my matching girlfriends!  


I hope you had a great weekend that you and your girlfriends had a blast no matter what you were wearing!  

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