Fall Fun...

Good morning and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did!

After battling food poisoning a Saturday night out with friends to celebrate Halloween is just what I needed!

Since I had been sick all week and well frankly didn't feel like getting dressed up I picked out this {Forever21} black dress I never wear cause its UBER short and tights from {EvansUK}.  My sister suggested I put a shot glass around my neck and go as "a shot in the dark" DONE!  How awesome is that costume idea.  I mean, I was already wearing the dress so it was simple enough!  Thanks Kirstie!

This is Angela, is one of my closest girlfriends and Halloween IS HER BIRTHDAY!!  She dressed as the tooth fairy, fantastic choice!  Look at her, she totally rocked this costume!

While at the bar I ran into this young lady, Misty.  She said she reads my blog via my sister.  How awesome is that!  It is so great to meet my blog viewers, I appreciate you making this blog part of your day!  So this is my shout out to Misty the Pirate.

On the left is Tyler, he is wearing this AMAZE-ing costume, snakes on a plane! Guy on the right is a TROLL!  Cant believe that guy pulled off that unitard so well.  Kudos guys, great choices!!!

While waiting to get into the bar, the young lady in front of me was a building block!  Since it was a 'C' obviously for Carlie (wink) I had to take a picture for the blog.

Come the end of the evening I had put a hole in my stockings near my butt :(  Thanks to Angela for using nail polish on it so it wouldn't run and further on me.  Even though I had a hole that no one saw, these ladies chose to have their tights like this..lol  Not a look for me! 

It's Monday, and lots of great stuff on the blog so, ENJOY YOUR WEEK!!!!


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