Summer Fun...

I have decided to make this the last ‘Summer Fun’ post until next year.  Now I will have ‘Fall Fun’ for all things I love in the fall!  I hope to get up to lots of fun things this fall and I cannot wait to share with you everything that is on my horizon, and especially show you what I wore.

This weekend I am heading up to the family cottage.  I will be golfing, walking the coastline, and if I am lucky enough for it not to rain (it has every time I have gone up this year) get my tan for the last time this year.  The car is packed and I am raring to go!

Everyone enjoy this long weekend; soak up all of what is left of summer you totally deserve it!  Look at this photo, doesn’t it just make you thrilled of all the wonderful things to come?!!  It does for me!   


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