While shopping with my sister on the weekend she surprised me when I showed her a bag I noticed and she replied “great satchel”.  My first thoughts were, who is this girl and where is my sister, then I applauded her for her knowledge, and she said “I read your blog, duh”, we had a good chuckle.  So this post is all about the different handbags out there, and to inform those who don’t know what bags are which.  Maybe next time you’re out with your sister or girlfriend you can tell them “I love the hobo”, or “I need a new box clutch”.  Enjoy the post and hope you find it useful.

This is a bag that has a strap that runs typically cross-body.  It’s very similar in look and style to a briefcase but is soft sided.  It gets its name from the British who referred to book bags as satchels.


This bag is typically large and crescent in shape.  It should fall or slouch when it is resting, or placed down.

Small or medium size, made for handheld carrying only.  “Clutched in one’s hand” is how it gets its name.  This type of bag used to be for evening the most but now stretches into day use as well.

Same idea as the CLUTCH however is boxy in shape and is hard sided.

Large in style, typically open at the top.  The straps are centered on the bag.  “To tote something around” so it’s great for luggage and the shove everything in type bag.

A very large side bag, worn almost always cross body.


Similar in style to the messenger bag however it is scaled to be smaller.

The most typical style of handbag out there.  It is a bag that has a shorter strap that fits over your shoulder.  Bag can be any size.

A shoulder bag that is shaped like a half moon.

This is/was an old name for a very small purse.  It gets its name because they are so small they should “fit in your pocket”.  This term is not used very much anymore, since we now carry sooo many things in our bag they are not useful much anymore.

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