Oh Christian Siriano how I loathe you right now.  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!  

The winner of Project Runway has been designing shoes for PAYLESS for a couple years now.  Most of his shoes have been a great way to get a brand name for a great price and have been stunning and very fashion forward.  Then these came.  UGH!

Seriously!!  Furry ankle boots…. Ugh… these are ugly.  The fur, the zipper the gold reflective heels, too much fug going on! lol  Yes, these technically are the type of shoes you find in a Walmart or Payless so don’t be surprised there.  However this is a prime of example that even though they are a ‘brand’ name it does not make them good.   

Sometimes great people make ugly things; these are that.

Enjoy the GRIPE!

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