Summer Fun...

At one point ‘planking’ was all the rage; laying face down on, across, above, below something could go viral.  Something as simple as laying became a famous activity that started in Australia and took off all around the world.

This is my cousin up at my cousin’s family cottage in Port Elgin, perfecting his viral plank.  It was fun and tricky, and he did such a good job; with all the lululemon he is decked out in, it should be an ad for them!

Now the new trend is ‘owling’.  You now perch, on, across, above, below something and it could go viral.  Now I personally have not yet owl’d or planked, but I better soon jump on some trend.  Check out Hilary Duff doing it on her dinner table.

Question is, have you planked? and do you plan on owling?  hahaha


  1. and now I hear it is lamping?!?!?!?

  2. and tea-potting... its never going to stop! lol