When I was in high school, I may have loved fashion, watched Jeanne Becker till the cows came home, and lived by the rules of Y.M. but something I wasn’t was fashionable.  In high school, Tommy Hilfiger overalls were all the rage!  Hahahaha  Use your imagination, and recall what you looked like too.

This new generation of young ladies is far more fashionable then we ever could have imagined.  With the influence of new media, blog ideas, looks and the ability to relate to fashion is much more at their finger tips.  Not to mention I believe with Facebook, Twitter and digital cameras the pressure for them to always look their best is way higher then ours ever was.  I mean now everything they wear is documented, a luxury and yet a curse I think.

I was recently inspired to do this post by my cousin Emily and her girlfriends.  They all recently took a trip to NYC and WOW they looked fantastic.  When I went to NYC in high school with classmates I was not NEARLY as well dressed as these young ladies.  Check them out!

They are all sporting trends and classic pieces; cross-body bags, skinny jeans, striped nautical shirts, small floral dresses, blazers, tights, liquid leggings.  I mean they look fantastic!  I am totally envious of when they look back their pictures when they are my age they will look classic and not out dated.  That’s one thing about fashion now, its not dated, everything goes; which allows a great mix and match of all era’s, creating and effortless style.

After speaking with Emily she was telling me their favorite stores are, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Urban Behavior, Hollister and H&M.  No wonder they are fashionistas, these stores pack some major trendy punch!

I want to add that I might be also slightly jealous of their toned teenage legs too!  Way to rock out those mini’s ladies!  Keep up the great dressing, cause you are making everyone green with clothing envy!

{P.s.  My cousin in the top photo is on the far left, and the bottom photo far right}

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