The Official Royal engagement picture, taken by Mario Testino, was a perfect picture that captivated the world.  And the earrings sported by the now Duchess were the ‘Hope’ earrings from {Links of London}.


In Cambridge, Ont resides my Aunt Mary-Ann, thousands of miles away from the royal couple.  After having a conversation with her niece Katie about a bracelet she had recently purchased from {Links of London} on her holiday in the UK.  My Aunt checked out their website to see what other pieces they sold and to find out which Holt Renfrew stores were the carrier for them.  Upon her surprise when she logged into the website a pop-up appeared to join the waiting list for the HOPE earrings.  She signed up, why not she thought.

A week or so later she was in Montreal and decided to go into a Holt Renfrew to shop.  She walked in and with perfect serendipity; first thing she saw was the {Links of London} counter.  She began a conversation with the associate about the earrings who then told her that only 16 pairs of the HOPE earring were shipped to Canada, she was sure they were already sold out; my Aunt left her name and number anyway.  Hours later she decided to go back to the store to see if they had by chance located a pair.  Sure enough, THEY HAD!  And they happened to be the LAST PAIR IN CANADA!!!

Another week went by and then they arrived.  My Aunt is now a proud owner of the elusive and exclusive {Links of London} HOPE earrings. Here she is sporting them at the family dinner we had on Wednesday night.  These white topaz jewels are just perfect.  They are dressy yet not over the top, may I even say perhaps, the perfect earring?  Plus anything good enough for Royalty is good enough for our family. lol

The reason for the family dinner was my Aunt Pat’s 65th birthday party.  Below is a picture of my mum with her sisters at the dinner.  They are quite remarkable women, and seeing them together for a perfect picture is priceless.  All three of you are stunning, strong and beyond Royal in my eyes!

 Aunt Pat, my mum, Aunt Mary

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