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Style Icon #2.

My next fashion icon is one I know must of you will not know, Emmanuelle Alt.  She currently resides as Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris; a title she just received earlier this year as a promotion from fashion director when fashion queen Carine Roitfeld quit.

Her style is always sexy.  I have always seen pics of her in skinny jeans, blazers, minimal jewelry, and sky high heels (showed all below).  Her style I would refer to as rock chic.  Aside from Charlize my love of blazers also comes from Alt.  Yet Charlize has a more laid back feel Alt is always ‘on’ and her looks are hard and very evening, even if  it's day light!  Alt knows what cuts and colours look best on her, something I think we all strive to perfect.  She has her own dress code and never strays.  I wonder if she really owns anything in bright green or neon? lol

To me she oozes a Parisian Rock feel that I just cannot get enough of.   
Enjoy the looks of Emmanuelle Alt!

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