Sandal season is around the corner.. or so I hope with today's most recent 'spring snow fall'.... ugh.... What may be more 'ugh' than snow in March is the trend of super UGLY sandals on the horizon!

And with that said... let's GRIPE!!!


Fashionistas all over are making the 'Birkenstock' work..... first I should say I don't 'mind' a Birkenstock, obviously NEVER EVER with socks.  I know many stylish women, my sister included, that sport the shoe but this new wave of 'STYLED' birks as best I can put it make me want to vomit.  

Shower sandals are now a thing!  Think those wide strap slip on Adidas decked in gold and metallic colours.  UGH!  

So with that said.... here are my DONT'S!

and if you are going to wear a Birkenstock... my HOW TO!


Sandal image from {shutupilovethatshirtonyou}
Styling images from Pinterest

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