Here in Canada when I see fingerless gloves or palm warmers as some may call the, I roll my eyes and think, HELLO it is cold here, why the heck do you even bother to sell them.  I NEED my fingers covered!!  I don't want them to fall off!  Clearly.
Then my next thought is I wish they were practical cause they are always so pretty.  Case in point the ones below from {ASOS}.
So while perusing the web like I do, I stumbled upon this picture, and like a mack-truck it hit me; pair them with leather gloves!!! 
Now for those of you who do this already, congrats you are officially way smarter and way cooler than me.  But for the rest of us that thought fingerless gloves was something we would never do, LOOK how stylish they can be when paired with our leather gloves!
Voila!  My lifetime HATE and ANGER towards fingerless gloves is solved!  Next problem, trying not to purchase every pair of fingerless gloves I will come in contact with going forward.

The internet can be a beautiful thing when you can solve a lifetime Canadian problem in one picture.  lol  Now that might be overkill, but seriously it opened up a whole new world for me..lol

Happy pairing ladies!

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  1. Holy Guacamole- I thought this would be about using tech projects (in which case I was going to suggest touch screen gloves), but this is actually genius! especially since it is often cold enough that I wished I had two pairs of gloves on ;)