30 to THIRTY...

Day 24 to THIRTY...

When I was 24 I....

Graduated college, with a degree I currently don't use and have zero future of using.  Yeah for secondary education and student loans! hahaha 

Backpacked around Europe with my best friend {Cindy}.  We both had finished our schooling (before she went to vet school in England) and we took all of our savings and hit Europe.  We spent 3 months traveling and laughing before I had to call my parents and ask for them to pay for my flight home.  We visited 18 countries and 47 cities.  We made friends from all over the world, took a couple thousand photos, made memories that we still laugh about, and inside jokes that no one but us will ever understand.  We bonded and became closer than ever.  No one ever says, 'backpacked Europe and had a shitty time', so as expected it was a time in our lives that we will never be able to relive but will relish forever.

Here are a few pictures from the trip I thought I would share.

At Lake Como in Italy.  Mr. Clooney was no where to be found :(

Believe it or not, that little cart took me down a mountain in Switzerland.  SUPER freaky and fast!

Being a goof ball in Scotland.

Us in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Travel mates along the way!  Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Laughing until we cried in London, England.

Warmer temps and amazing views in Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Bus Tours (a must) in Barcelona, Spain.

Picturesque landscapes like this everywhere we went!  Barcelona, Spain.

Wish we could do it all over again tomorrow!

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