30 to THIRTY...

ahhh.. 1 week... I have reached the legit final stretch!

7 Days....  It got me thinking, what else comes in 7's?  hmmm  let's think about it.

7's on a slot machine mean big bucks

7 day forecast

7 Wonders of the World

7 deadly sins

7 days of the week

the group of 7.  The Canadian painters

7 books in the Harry Potter series

7 chakras of the body

7 dwarfs

7 colours in the rainbow

7 continents

7 seas

Santa had 7 reindeer

7 swans a swimming in the 12 days of Christmas song

7 is either good luck or bad luck ...lol

So now that you know some useful/useless information about the #7... spread the word! 
7x times for good luck of course ;)

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