30 to THIRTY...

Back after a long weekend.. never pretty!  lol 

Time to recap the past couple days of the countdown and what has happened!!

Day 28 to THIRTY...

Watched Cindy Crawford on Oprah's Master Class show, which I am obsessed with.  She made a comment that in her forty's she discovered her life's passion was communicating.  So I took a sip of wine and I thought what would be current life's passion be.  Took another sip.  And I discovered my life's passion is being happy.  I do nothing in life that makes me miserable, I take pleasure out of doing things that make me smile, whether shopping, traveling or lots and lots of laughter.  Always try to see the glass half full, I am an eternal optimist.  I enjoy making others happy mostly because it brings me joy.  I wonder if my passion will change as I get older?  I hope not cause I think being happy and doing anything to make myself happy is a good passion in life to have.  So thanks Cindy Crawford and Oprah!.lol

Day 27 to THIRTY....

Found the shoes I will wear to my girlfriends wedding.  You chuckle and say why is this important, but I saved $500+ bones!!!  Check this out!

This is the $500+ Jimmy Choo                   and                       this is the $130 Franco Sarto

Who doesn't love getting a great deal!  I know I will get soooo much wear out of these.  Its a classic shoe!!!!  YEAH!  Cannot wait!!

and finally Day 26 to THIRTY,

Was spent with family celebrating the Easter long weekend.  And nothing beats a great meal and family!

What will this week of countdown's bring me?!?!


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