Event Clothing... Canadian Screen Awards 2013

I am PROUD Canadian, and what would this Canadian fashion blog be if I didn't cover our own events!  On Sunday was the Canadian Screen Awards and us Canuks heated up the carpet!  Being humble as we are the outfit choices were tame and nothing MAJOR.  Only a few worst dressed but some definite gems!

Here is my review!

Canadian Bachelor winner Bianca Kamper in a one shoulder sequin gown.  Amazing! Perfect with that slicked back hair.  Only thing I would change would have been a smaller handbag.

Gabrielle Miller in a similar gown, this time with two sleeves! lol  
Loved the colour, is it bronze, is it burgundy?

Our very own Canadian bombshell Kim Cattrall in a bias cut silk gown.  
She just proves that you can be sexy at ANY age!

Kristin Kreuk gets the vote for the riskiest attempt on the carpet and she pulled it off!  This jumpsuit is awesome!  Perfectly styled, even better was the curls in hair.  She is young and fresh and this look exemplifies this to a tee!

Real Housewife of Vancouver Mary Zilba was OVER the top in this nude gown and necklace.  But, can't knock her too much as this look is stunning.

Sara Canning looked fresh and beautiful in this pink gown!  Amongst this cold weather she went for a Spring look.  With her easy strawberry blonde hair this look was perfect and refreshing.

Wendy Crewson looks amazing!  Love this gold dress and the minimal jewellery!

Laura Vandervoot went the bombshell way, and my goodness she is ever so the part!  That dress fits her like a glove.  She was my best dressed of the night!

Drum roll.. worst dressed is!

This chick, who I don't know who she is..lol  The scarf, and the fingerless evening gloves.  

And brilliant actress Meg Tilly.  The dress works, kinda, but you killed it with the hoses and then anchoring with those shoes.  With a 'light' skirt you needed a 'light' shoe.

Well done Canadians, you looked amazing, and we are amazing!  Do you agree with my picks?

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