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This post is always HUGE! Mostly because every lady brings their A-game to the red carpet runway and there is just so much to share!  Consider this the best place for all your coverage!..lol

Before the couture critics lets talk about the show!  Thought it was hysterical, laughed my butt off.  Musical performances were amazing, Goldfinger I mean c'mon!  And who knew Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron would be a modern day Fred and Ginger!

All the winners we thought would win did (as always) but still always great to hear their acceptance speeches.  Ben Afleck's took the cake in my opinion, he is just so humble and man oh man was he happy!

Now to talk about what you all clicked on my blog for, my MASSIVE Oscar Red Carpet review!

Trends:     Art Deco EVERYTHING!
                 Soft whimsical updos
                 Sequins galore

Amy Adams in this muted grey princess gown.  NO ONE does princess like her.  Thought it was elegant and regal, a great choice.

Jennifer Hudson, thought the slit was WAY to high and centered for this time of dress.  The beading almost made it look like a reptile print, which I did like.  And the colour, thumbs  up!

Zoe Saldana was the first dress I saw of the night and I loved ALL the embellishments.  The ruffles on the top, the belt and then the amazing triple tone hem on the bottom.  Was in my top 5!

Naomi Watts was cut to perfection in this dress.  She collaborated the make this dress and it shows as it fits her like a glove.  On trend with full sequin gowns and the hair, this was my BEST dressed of the night.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino red.  First I hated it, then I loved it.  It is just one of those dresses that you just cannot quite put your finger on.  Perhaps if her hair had been up it would have worked better.  The dress was MUCH larger originally and she said she took a lot of the fullness out.  I cannot imagine what it would have looked like in its original state at all.  Safe choice.

Keri Washington who has been making slam dunk choices lately and this was another!  She wore coral! Hello, what a daring choice and it payed off!  The beading on the top of this MiuMiu dress alone makes it a show stopper!

If you read this blog you know that Charlize is my ultimate girl crush and last night she proved to why!  UNREAL!  This dress I want, and I want in every colour!  Breathtaking.  She can rock that short hair like no one else.  Dior fits her perfectly and no wonder she wears the label all the time.  It was perfectly accessorized with almost nothing since the peplum is solid beading.

Adele safe in black as always!  What is hard to see in this picture but the beading is patterned in a floral manner.  Again, safe choice.  Bring back that girl who dared to wear red, I liked her!

Jessica Chastain was a bronze goddess in this Armani Prive.  The hair and the art deco earrings were the perfect choice for her body!  On TV the beading looked almost sky blue which I thought was the perfect tone to go on top of this carmel dress.  She makes my top 5 and on all best dressed lists as well.

Now I loved that Amanda Seyfried took a risk with a halter dress when everyone else was doing strapless.  This custom McQueen gown was amazing, but for me it was just meh.  Not overwhelmed, just whelmed.

 Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawerence was truly the bell of the ball!  This Dior dress was the perfect choice.  Simple, classic and floral print how super feminine!

Now, I show this picture not because she fell going up stairs (I do this ALL THE TIME) but because the top picture fails to show you that the front of the dress was pale pink and the back was white and this picture shows it perfectly.  What a simple nuance that I think was lost on the red carpet.

All anyone could talk about on TV last night was Reese's hair.  And I agree, va va voom!  Loved the colour of the dress she totally stood out.  My favorite part was the black little bow on top of her boob.  Fashion is all in the details people!

Dipped in gold much!  I don't think Renee Zellweger could eat or drink ANYTHING in this dress.  STUNNING with the red bows in the back and the red bracelets, again with the details.

Stacy Keibler's dress had the beading detail that made every curve on her body sing!  This art deco masterpiece must have weighed a ton.  The gun-metal color with that black belt, perfect.

 Now Helen Hunt wore HM.  Yes the retailer.  How great of her to make this statement; then she wore $700,000 worth of diamonds!  If you are going to do a high-low mix of clothes that's the combo you want!

Anne Hathway, hmmm, mixed emotions.  First, those were not her nipples it was the seam on the bib halter.  She was to be wearing Valentino and then three hours before the show she switched to this Prada.  So my assumption is there was no time to adjust the breast seam and that's why her nipples were trending on Twitter.  Now, the colour was boring, reminded me of Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein years ago.  LOVED the back super sexy, but overall I thought the dress was NOT enough.

Then she wore THIS to perform in and my jaw dropped!  How amazing is this dress!!!!  This is what I would have loved to see her wear on the red carpet.  Risky, classy, and unpredictable.

Nora Jones kept up with all the trends of the night.  Hair, art deco and lots and lots of beading.

 Halle Berry asked Donnatella Versace to make her look like the 'ultimate' Bond girl and did she ever deliver!!  These (again) art deco lines make her body so amazing (not that she doesn't already).  Excellent choice.

 My second favorite dress of the night goes to Jennifer Garner in this plum dress.  The ruffles on the back of the dress are beyond magical and the (again) art deco necklace finished the look off.  She looks so elegant and lady like, perfect choice to wear to support her Oscar winning hubby.

The unprecedented appearance by the First Lady and the White House itself in the awards show was a great moment.  Here is Mrs. Obama in the hottest trend of the night.  I don't think the this lady ever makes a wrong fashion move and this dresses catapults her into another fashion league!

Now onto some of my favorite party dresses!

 Naomi Watts traded in her gun-metal sequined stunner for another!  That gold triangle accents her wast to unreal proportions.  She knocked it out of the park twice last night!
When there is a trend it is a TREND!  Here is Lily Collins in another similar art deco gown but this time in navy!  What a great way to change things up!  And the back of this dress, I mean please people, it is perfect.  Also, sequins done in a lace pattern, how beautiful is that!

The golden girl took off that stunning Dior princess gown and got down right sexy!  J-Law in a simple silhouette proves, sometimes some sequins and a strap is all you need!  
Both dresses were amazing choices for her.

What I loved about this Amy Poehler dress was the colour!  And the best part, pairing the hunter green with a powerful blue earring!  I would never have thought to pair those colours together and now I can't wait to do it!  This is why I love fashion, you can be inspired when you least expect it!

Leslie Mann pulled off rust!  Not an easy colour!  The flouncy sleeve and the V beading in the front, this dress was a perfect choice for a party!

Now the reason I show you this Heidi Klum dress is NOT because I like it, cause I don't, but wanted to show you ANOTHER sequined art deco dress.  JUST to hammer home the trend. 
 But the boobs, all wrong!

And now for my worst dressed.  I love you Zooey Deschanel, but you are NOT A GRANDMOTHER!!  This girl even looks depressed in her dress!!!  I do however love the little flower details but overall it just didn't work.  You make off the wall fashion choices, I get it, but next time try stepping out of your 'granny fashion' box.  Quirky doesn't always have to be boring.

 Hope you all enjoyed my review!  YES I know there are a thousand other dresses and hairstyle to critic, but I cannot keep you here all day!!!! lol

Images {FabSugar} {JustJared} {PerezHilton}

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