Summer Fun...

This past weekend I did lots of errands and caught up with some friends at a going away party.

However the highlight of my weekend was my Family Reunion!  We do it every two years and all of my cousins, aunts and uncles come from all over to join us!  This year we had approx 150 people attend, but I know if everyone was to come we would be very close to 200 if not over.

I enjoy this reunion every other year we have it.  We all catch up, laugh, and marvel at the size of the kids that have grown in those past years.  This year I was excited to hear so many of my cousins were headed off to their first year or university or college, excitted to see a cousin expecting and above all else, to laugh with all my family.

Thank you to my family from Detroit that were the host  family this year, the weather was great, the food was delicious and as always much love to all my Italian family!

Here is all of us for the tradition group shot!  SAY CHEESE!!!

I volunteered to take the group shot this year, so this is the way to make sure I included! 
Just me and a few fellow cousins!..lol

and here is the photo from the 2008 reunion, still marvel at how many of us come out to this event!

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  1. That is amazing! What a large incredible family and tradition!