Styling, Olympics...

Well it is Friday.. it is also the last Friday of the Olympic Games and the closing ceremonies are this coming Sunday.  It has been a great couple weeks, I have been glued to my TV as much as I can, I have cried at strangers life stories, celebrated wins with my fellow Canadians, and most of all I have been PROUD to be CANADIAN!

We might not have won as many gold medals as China or the US however it is my favourite colour and today's post is to celebrate the 1x gold we DO have!  Gold is that neutral that will never go out of style.  You can wear it like a Queen or wear it like Mr. T, either way it works! lol

This weekend take some time to celebrate life, friends, and win your OWN gold medal in some way!  
I do not doubt that you DESERVE it!

going for GOLD

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