Summer Fun...

Among some of the fun things I did this weekend was head into the city for a blogger closet event!  Some of the great CURVY Bloggers from the city opened their closets and did a clothing sale.  I had nothing to sell sadly because when {Karen} announced the event I had just donated a bunch of clothes to good will.
boo urns.  But for those ladies that did I know a bunch of curvy girls that say THANK YOU!  I didn't see anyone leave without a bag!  Even I scored a vintage dress that I might wear to an upcoming concert, which of course I will showcase on here!

Thanks to {Karen} for putting on the event, it went soooo well.  Also shout out to all my ladies!  Always nice to catch up with some bloggers, talk shop, fashion, boys and all the stuff that makes girl chat all that much more fun!

Hope you had a good weekend as well with WHATEVER you got up too!

Just some of the cool bloggers and peeps as we hung outside... the temp was cooler! lol
Thanks to Courtney (in green) for letting me bogart this pic! 

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