{Most Eligible Dallas} just started airing here in Canada, and I already cannot get enough!
The star for me is {CourtneyKerr} whom I oddly enough I was already following on {Twitter} since I found her {blog} in a round about way!

The show follows gorgeous singles from Dallas and shows all their life tribulations; exactly what I look for in good TV!  My sister is watching it as well and expressed her love for Courtney and when I told my gf Holly I was watching the show she said, "OMG Courtney's hair, it is unreal" I agree, her ombre locks are amazing.

Now the reason for this post is her style!  Her excellent relaxed yet sophisticaed look is one of my favourites.  It combines basic pieces and some amazing jewellery, which goes along with my motto, same shirt and many accessories can change it up every time!  The pictures below give you a taste of her great style!

I encourage you to check out her {blog} for all her great styling posts!  And for my Canadian readers make sure you turn into the {show}, you won't be disappointed!  And for everyone else, if you haven't seen the show, find it online and let's watch it together!

Images {TheCourtneyKerr}


  1. I love that second photo...with the neon coat. She is wearing two necklaces by Spike the Punch that are too cute layered! I am obviously a fan {stalker}! ;)

  2. was this show a huge hit in Texas? And yes her love of spike the punch and all things colour is amazing!!!