Fatherly Inspired

Fatherly Inspired 

First, Happy Monday!!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

With Father's Day a week away my sister and I are racking our brains on what to get our father, he is SUPER hard to buy for.  And Dad, if you are reading this, tell us what you want/need! lol

So in honor of Father's Day today's post is how to do a chic menswear look.  Personally I love menswear and think it makes a classic outfit for occasion.  The above outfit I would wear to a wedding, or a chic cocktail party, or even a girls night out.  Don't shy away from menswear, it is all about the fit and tailoring.  So if you have to try on fifty pairs of pants to find the pair that hangs the proper way for your body shape do so.  Nothing is worse then seeing a woman in a sloppy looking out fit.  To add some feminine touches to a masculine look, pick a coloured blazer and some stellar accessories.  A classic look like menswear, never goes out of style, so spending a few bucks on the classic basics is always a good idea!

Happy Early Father's Day!!! 

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  1. cute Coral blazer ensemble! Great minds think alike!