I am currently going thru a fascinator stage and loving every minute of it.
However today's GRIPE crosses the line between tasteful and ostentatious!  I have NO idea who would wear this and where?!  Perhaps at a very very very fashionable event however unless you are the who's who of the fashion world lets be honest that event is not happening anytime soon.

If I wore this to a wedding, pretty sure the day would become about ME and not about the bride. 
How Rude! (also it is the Olson twins birthday so the quote was welcomed..lol)

When picking out a statement piece whether earrings, necklace or even shoes, make sure it is in proportion to your body!  This fan could knock her over in a wind storm, it would catch so much drift.

Make the RIGHT statement everyone, not the WRONG one!

Happy GRIPE!



  1. I'd be worried about whomever would have to stand behind her... like in the dinner/dessert buffet line at a wedding. They'd get concussed for sure any time she'd have to tilt her head, lol. That is one serious fascinator.

  2. This would be a great one for Halloween! :)