Well Happy Monday Morning Everyone!!

After some computer issues this moring and never enough coffee here is today's post!

Weekends are always filled with errands or if your lucky a trip to the beach for the weekend!
I have been doing all my errands while 'tote'ing' around with my {FEED bag} and I am comletly in love with it.  So it got me to thinking since this bag brings me joy why not show off a few totes that can add some pizazz and joy to you while running errands!

Find a tote that has some personality, a canvas bag that has a great picture on it!  The simpliest things sometimes are the grandest.  Big or small its all about finding a bag you love so you will use it again and again!  Can't you just see a nice bouquet of flowers, some seasonal fruit or even a great antique find in these bags!  Or like me regular old toothpaste for 'that' type of errand!  lol

Click on the picture below to see where to get these totes.

and then, get TOTE'ING!

Tote Me Around...

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