I am not a 'pink person'.  I can count on one hand how many pieces of pink clothing I own.  But somehow seeing all these ladies in {Michael Kors'} pink dresses and HOT pink dresses makes me 'pink with envy'! lol 
These ladies are all varied in skin and hair colour and they all seem to pull if off so why can't I.  I think I will try to look beyond what I usually go for and try on some pink this Spring/Summer.  If they are all doing it, why shouldn't I?! They all look fantastic and SO WILL I! (I will tell myself)

If you don't normally wear pink, will you try it?  Step outside our box people, and let's paint the town PINK!

Also, lets say how amazing {Michael Kors} is for a moment!  All these dresses and all these ladies look stunning!  He does to PINK what {Valentino} does for red!

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