Good Morning!!!

Last night while watching Celebrity Apprentice, reality TV star Teresa Giudice graced the boardroom in a dress that made me squeal with joy!  This black and green beaded cocktail dress was amazing, I immediately hoped on the laptop and tried to find it.  Numerous Google searches later and no luck, so I decided to TWEET her and Voila she tweeted me back, insert second squeal here!  The dress is made by MANDALAY and from what I could find it is from 2011 as seen on Carrie Underwood at an appearance below but it is gorgeous none the less.  Below are some screen captions I took and tried to show you all angles of the dress.  Also, you can purchase Mandalay dresses from {Neiman Marcus} and let me tell you they have some great dresses.  Now if only it could hang in my closet, I know so many places I would love to wear it to.

A clearer shot of the dress.

And the cherry on top of this great dress was it had beading on the backside to!  I always hate when beading isn't on the back, but this dress did not disappoint!

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