YEAH WEEKEND is here!  And for the first time in almost 4 weeks I will be at home.  Time to clean the house, do some retail therapy, sleep-in, grocery shop, read the 11 magazines awaiting me, blog, fold laundry, dust, RUN, hike with Stella... so much to do, I can only hope I can get it all done!

This weekend I will try not to look like a bum, I will NOT wear track pants, I will try to look like a fashionable young lady, I will use a curling iron, I will wear concelar, I will put away the UGGS, I will TRY TRY TRY, and that's is all I can do!
How is that for a Friday PEP talk!  Enjoy your weekend too!

For some non-bumm weekend outfit inspiration here are my favourite street photography snaps of the week.


{Mr. Newton}

{The Sartorialist}


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