Happy Monday Everyone!

I will be having a blog filled week of great posts to stay tuned!

In the mean time, last week I was fortune to reunite with a couple girlfriends from high school and get all caught up.  We had dinner at {BlackShop} in Cambridge, and the entire place was awesome, and the menu was UNREAL.  Had a great girl chats and lots of laughs were had.

On a personal note, one of the girls I was with is Jenn of {BloomPhotography} please take a minute to check out her great photography blog.

Here is what I wore.  Apologize now for the blurry photos.  Turns out, self timer in the dark, well, it doesn't take the clearest photos!..lol

What I Wore: 
jeans/blazer- Torrid
necklace/pumps- ALDO
top- Old Navy
clutch- Payless
leather gloves- Ebay
scarf- street vendor

And this is my dinner, a spectacular LOBSTER and BRIE Grilled Cheese!  Un-real!  Cannot wait to go back!


  1. Aren't those shoes Jessica Simpson?

  2. Thats what i always thought.. then as i put them on... i noticed ALDO on the label!..lol :P