Fall Fun...

I am crazy! Actually 'we' are crazy!

Yesterday morning my mother and I got into a line around 6:15am to get free gift cards at the opening of the new {HomeSense} store here in Guelph.  CRAZY!  Gift cards were given out out by drawing out of a basket, I was lucky enough to get $100 and mum got $50, not bad for 2 hours of waiting.  

Once inside it was NUTS, buggies everywhere; my mum even commented she didn't know there was this many people in Guelph! lol  Not sure why everyone in the city thought we needed home decor at 8am but I am glad we were not the only crazy ones, over 200 people in line before the store opened.

What a Tuesday morning I tell ya!

 My lovely FREE money!
 Two crazy ladies after 4.5 hours at {HomeSense}, pretty much exhuasted at this point.
All the other insane home decor shoppers.  The check out line wrapped around itself 3x times!
Just bought a couple things!  The big items were already behind the register lol

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