Wish List...

While watching my weekly TV obsession, Gossip Girl this past Monday, I was captivated by character Serena's earrings.  They were coral, teal and gold, I was love struck.  So of course as most of us do, I went to the internet to immediately find out if they were in my price range.  Sad to announce, they are not.  They happen to be {OSCAR de la RENTA}; I take a large sigh, but $290 earrings are not in my budget, unless I rode the bus for a month and gave up cable.  Pondering.  They are stunning, floral etched coral, turquoise and jade set in 24-karat gold.  These earrings to me scream summer, and I immediately think of all the white outfits, denim chambray shirts and late nights with mojitos that I would enjoy them with.  Reminder to self, we are now in fall.  lol  Five more days till the next episode and new fashion accessory crush I am sure.

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