On Monday evening I came home from the movies to box on my porch.  Unaware of what of the many online purchases this would be, I opened the box and literally GASPED, it was my first LUXE-BOX from {Loose Button}.  I was thrilled!  This is the awesome box!

Then I opened it up to find this card which then told me all the items in side the pretty tissue paper and a sticker saying "Made for Carlie", my heart fluttered.  How great is it to receive a professional package made for me!  Thumbs up for this little detail!
Inside my box for this month was,

Lise Watier Flash Life Radiance Vials:
recap: perfect for a woman of any age.  A concentrate of smoothing agents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance.
usage: this will be perfect for an AM post a long night!

Moroccan Oil Light:
recap: Argan oil hair care product.  This one is designed in LIGHT for fine and fair coloured hair.
usage: I am already a huge fan of Moroccan Oil, and being that it is super pricey it was quite a treat.  However I am going to share the love and give it to someone I know that has been wanting to try it and never has. 

Seche Vite Nail Top Coat:
recap: Known as the world's finest top coat.  Made to leave nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.
usage: for sure this little bottle will get used.  I am prone to chipping nails, so excited to try this out.

Olay Professional ProX Eye Restoration Complex:
recap: treatment hydrates to restore the area to its optimum appearance by improving the look of crows feet.
usage: blessed with no fine lines yet, cant help but think using this now will only help slow them down from coming in!

Chloe Eau de Parfume:
recap: fresh, smooth fragrance evokes the powdery rose so says the card.
usage: never owned anything by Chloe so this bottle should make me feel feminine and alluring.  Cant wait to see if the boys enjoy it too!

Now for all of you are wondering what this is all about!  {Loose Button} deals with deluxe samples from some totally amazing companies and when you sign up for $12 a month (ridiculously awesome I know) they send you a box full of goodies!  The boxes are all slightly unique based on a quiz  you fill out based on your likes etc, so its always a surprise what your treats might be!  I love this monthly service and think its a stellar idea, and I encourage you all to sign up!  Click here for a referral by FimC {here}.  
 I mean, who doesn't love a gift EVERY MONTH!


  1. What a nice lil surprise to come home too! Enjoy the products.

  2. Thanks for "sharing the love". That was very sweet of you! Can't wait to try it.


  3. Ahh! This is so cool! I signed up! Can't wait for November!

  4. I know eh! Always great to receive a little something in the mail! Hope you love yours!