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Well Happy Monday Morning!

My morning has gotten off to a rough start, due to house plumbing issues, no shower.  For a person who likes to shower this is no way to start the week, but things could always be worse.  I am hoping the plumber can get everything fixed so I can shower later today.

This weekend for me was jam packed of frivolous things.  Friday night I had a couple martinis with friends, Saturday was spent with my mum and my sister shopping and then dinner with them and my dad that lasted till 9:30pm.  Come Sunday I ran errands and did a few thing around the house, and was able to take the fur-baby out for a long walk around the neighbourhood since the weather was amazing.

On Sunday evening the OWN network has a show called, VISIONIARIES, and last night's person of interest was TOM FORD.  (for those who are not super tuned into fashion, he is the designer of namesake TOM FORD, and was formerly the designer of Gucci and YSL, he is credited with being the BEST woman's wear designer of all time).  I was completely glued to my TV and was in complete wonder and awe of this incredible man.  I loved Tom Ford before, and after this episode I want him to go on a public speaking tour so I can reveal in his wonderment some more.

{Fashion Magazine} released an article of the 6 things you didn't know about Tom Ford that they learned from last nights show, check out the article {here} its a great read!  We learned he can take up to five baths a day!

Also click {here} to go to the OWN page and check out clips from the episode and deleted scenes that didn't make it in.  Its worth checking out!

As I get my Monday rolling I hope yours is off to a great start as well.  I will leave you  with a classic picture of Tom Ford to help you thru your Starbucks filled Monday AM!

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