Fall Fun...

On Sunday Oct 16th my sister and I went out to an event called FOODSTOCK an hour and a half north/east of Guelph.  The event was to raise funds and awareness in protest of what will be the second largest quarry in North America.  I would suggest you take time to read up on this protest {here} and learn how to save our drinking water.

So FOODSTOCK was event that came from the minds of chefs to showcase local foods that would be affected by the quarry being built.  A very grass-roots events had over 100 food vendors and 50 musical artists including, Jeremy Taggart of OLP, Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, Sarah Harmer, and a few Barenaked Ladies and many more.  The whole thing literally took place a in forest on farm land that owners refused to sell-out.  The lack of news coverage was very disappointing because reports suggest there were over 30,000 people that attended!  Can you believe that number! 

Here are some of the great pictures my sister and I were able to take of this once in a lifetime event!

All the people just walking thru the forest having a bite to eat

My sister and I

What I wore: cape- theBay, boots- Hunter, tights/socks- unknown, sunnies- Forever21, shorts- Torrid, sweater/purse- HM (look closely, I am holding my plate!)

No!  It wasn't muddy at all!  It was a farm! lol  Thank goodness for HUNTERS.

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