Fall Fun...

I hope you all had a great weekend, it was a very relaxing long weekend for me!  I got so much done around the house which I was more then thrilled to get done.

For something fun to do this long weekend I tagged along with my little cousins to the Erin Fall Fair.  I have not been to many fall fairs, I am as City as it gets, however I wanted to something fun for fall and what is more fall, then baking, farm animals, large pumpkins, and of course FAMILY.  The day was sunny and hot hot hot.  It was close to 30degrees and for mid-October it could not have been a nicer day! 

My cousin Joanne deserves a shout out, because she submitted her baking to the fair’s baking competition, and her tea biscuits and cake both won SECOND place in their categories!  How great is that!  And my little cousin came SECOND as well in a necklace making competition, she made an amazing necklace with pasta and ribbon, she is a jewelry designer in the making! 

These are a few snap shots of the wonderful time I had at the fair!  Made for a great end of a long weekend.

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