I was seeing this DIY candle ALL OVER the internet, so to say exactly where I got the idea is very hard.  It is so simple to make I decided to make them for the ladies in my family as a small Thanksgiving Day treat.

So here is how I made it, so now you too can make them for your family and friends!

 Here are all the materials you need; cinnamon sticks, elastic bands, a candle and twine.  You will see ribbon/super glue in this picture and in the end I didn’t end up using them, just an FYI.

Wrap an elastic band around the candle you have chosen and then tuck in the cinnamon sticks.

Wrap twine, string, yarn or even the ribbon tightly around the candle, don’t take off the elastic band, it helps with the wrapping.  Tie in a bow!

Place in box for delivery!

See, super simple!  Now go enjoy the smell of cinnamon filling your house!