As Paris Fashion Week comes to an end I thought I would show you some of my favourite looks from just a few of the top designers that showcased their Spring 2012 collections there.  (All images are from style.com)

Designer for the house McQueen Sarah Burton had an incredible collection.  Here are just a few of the gowns that took my breathe away.  Stunning.  The time put into the details are unreal.  The whole collection was full of elegance and allure.
Louis Vuitton to me announced I am a woman!  The collection was ultra-feminine and done in beautiful fresh colours, even the darker colours some how seemed crisp and clean.  I am taking inspiration to add as many detailed feminine pieces as I can come spring to my closet.

Chanel.  Even just that one word means so much.  This collection had so many light pieces, lots of 'under water' themed pieces as denoted by fashion editors and bloggers.  A portion of the collection had this subtly 'line' detailing, and of course the entire collection was feminine, signature Chanel.

Lanvin had more dark colours and the materials appeared stiffer yet some how Alber Elbaz made the collection sing with soft draping and silhouettes suitable for every woman.  All the pieces would work in every woman's life so easily.  Gorgeous.
Stella McCartney's collection had this amazing detail work.  Almost every piece had this detail of swirls (I know I am not describing it the best either).  With this slight detail somewhere on the item it made the outfits pop and have this static movement to them.  Clean lines, easy pieces, its no wonder why McCartney is a perennial favourite.

Well, that is my very brief review of Paris Fashion Week.  I hope you enjoyed it, and that your closets get as inspired as mine is!  Spring is around the corner no? lol 

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