Happy September 1st everyone!  Hope where ever you are in the world I hope the weather is better than here.  It’s grey, humid and not exactly what the 1st of a month should be.   
Guess Mother Nature is sad summer is almost finished.

In honor of September 1st today’s post is all about going back to school!

Back to School

My sister is a school teacher and so is one of her best friends Kate, so when Kate asked me for a back to school outfit I was more then happy to help her!

For me a teacher who looks approachable and not to stuffy always wins over the students, well at least in my eyes.

Before I started I asked Kate what they can and cannot wear; she said anything goes, but of course it had to look professional.  So this is what I put together for a FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL look.

Black skinny jeans, a nice flowy knit top with some very trendy stripes and paired with an army green outerwear vest for the main pieces.  Next some bracelets instead of large earrings I think is more WORK friendly for a teacher, and of course a watch to know when the first day is almost over.  Great black leather flat riding boot for that first day back on your feet.  Then of course what teacher is not complete with out a great cross body bag to haul all tests and quizzes home in!  And to add some punch to the everyday, a bright pink laptop sleeve to add some fun and pep to her step.  A great neutral but popular shade with a dark cranberry nails; since once school starts chipped nails will ensue! hahaha

Kate I hope this look gives you some inspiration for heading back to your classroom, have a great year with your students!  And for everyone else, these are some great pieces to add into your closet for the fall too!

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