Summer Fun...

This past weekend I had one of the most shocking things happen to me.  On Saturday afternoon my girlfriend Corrine, who lives in Dubai, poked her head into my house and totally surprised me!  I had not seen Corrine since Christmas and I didn’t think I would see her till this coming Christmas.  I was hosting my annual summer party, and she booked a flight into town before a vacation she is about to take and surprised me.  And boy oh boy I was surprised!

Before anyone arrived for the party I was able to sit down for two hours with two of my best girlies both who live on different continents and just talk.  In that moment I thought I am so grateful that these girls take time out from visiting their families to just sit on my couch and catch up.  It’s these small things in life that make me lucky and happy that these ladies keep in touch and that no matter the distance and time between visits, they are still my best friends.

In just five short days Corrine with go back to Dubai and Cindy will go back to London, England, and I will start the countdown till Christmas when I can just sit with them again and enjoy their company.  Love you ladies.

 Corrine, Me, Cindy

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