This is my left hand; It is currently sporting 4 trends.  Can you find them?! Hahaha

1)      The multiple ‘friendship style’ bracelets stacked.  It’s great summer trend that is most definitely making its rounds on all the fashion blogs.  Now most bloggers are making theirs, me, not so much.  All the bracelets came as a set from ALDO, how convenient!

2)      The white watch.  I mean really it could be a gold watch too, but the whole concept of a watch with bracelets is ‘the’ fresh look right now.

3)      The pinky ring!  Now this isn’t so much a ‘trend’ as much as I want to make it one!  I got the idea from all the photos I see of Kate and Pippa Middelton.  They both wear pinky rings.  So I thought why can’t I!  So everyone out there, find that ring that’s just too small and place it on the finger and make it an official trend.

4)      The nail polish!  I have been seeing people in the blog/fashion world do this idea of one or two fingers painted a different colour.  When Cindy came home from England even she was sporting it, said she read it in UK Cosmo; Her colour combo at the time was all teal then one yellow nail.  On her hands today is grey polish with a coral finger with polka dots!  Have fun with any colour combo, its an easy way to be trendy yet its soo simple, cause I know you already own two nail polish colours!

Hope you found some inspiration!  What trends are you currently sporting on your left hand?


  1. I've been noticing the friendship bracelet trend for sure. Lol. I wish I still had my book on how to make friendship bracelets from the 4th grade! Def would have come in handy again. Ps, great watch!

  2. Thanks.... seriously though ALDO has tons. That set i am sporting was only $12... that way its super easy and you save time not having to make them all! Thanks for the comment Natalie, thanks for supporting the blog!