Off to the Races we go!

My friend Liz recently asked me to help her pick out an outfit for a night at the race track.  I jumped at this chance.  Liz is a gorgeous, dark curly haired lady that could pull anything off!  She told me wanted the look to incorporate a fascinator and be a dressier rather than casual outfit.  This is what I have chosen.

I started with the fascinator; the rich purple and rust colours with just an accent of green are a great jumping off point.  I think a jewel tone purple dress would work best, not only can it be worn in summer, but paired with opaque tights she could wear it thru winter and fall; why not get more bang for your buck!  Because nights are getting cooler, I think a cardigan in a nice neutral colour would not take away from the dress but keep her warm yet stylish.  Small accessories like this horse necklace (an ode to the night of course) and a green earring suit the fascinator without taking away its spotlight.  The green earrings are meant to pick up the slight green feathers in the head piece.  Finally rounding out the outfit is again a neutral clutch and peep toe; again this colour will go all year no matter the season.

Liz, I hope this helps/inspires to you pick out a great outfit, but no matter what you chose I know you will look fantastic!  And more importantly, I hope you have a great time out that night!

Click on the image above to see where you can purchase all the items.

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