Hair is the easiest thing to change up in my life, or so it seems.  I constantly try different colours, box #45 lol, I even cut bangs this summer; changing my hair is the first thing I do when life seems boring.

The one thing I wish is that my hair did grow faster, or that extensions were cheaper.  Yesterday my sister was sporting a gorgeous side fish tail braid, and I was green with envy because my hair is not long enough for a side braid.  She said she learned via YouTube, something I love scoping out is how-to tutorials as well.  Coincidentally one of my daily blogs posted a how to video on fish tail braids the same day!  What are those odds!

So here is Emily from {Cupcakes and Cashmere} demonstrating how EASY a fish tail braid is.  I think I am going to have to do one straight down the back of my head this weekend for sure!

Enjoy the video!!

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